off-roading in a 12-passenger van

One of my favorite things about my geology courses is the field trips we get to go on. This last semester, we took a trip to Millard County, Utah. I thought the dirt road we rumbled over was the worst until my instructor suddenly swerved into the sagebrush and took us up into a mountain. In a big, hulking 12-passenger van.

All of you with Jeep Wranglers? Wimps.

I’ve tripped over death trying to reach a fault on the other side of a freeway, spent hours digging for Elrathia Kingi, found God in the Grand Canyon, and learned one very important thing: I will never pursue career in geology.

However, I have this inexplicable passion for it that I can’t quite extinguish. Rocks, volcanoes, plate tectonics…. My interest in the subject inspired me to create a blog and hopefully reach those of us for whom geology is a hobby. Could we call ourselves geobbyists? Like hobbyist+geology. Maybe?

I’m going to use this blog as a sort of repository for all the things I find interesting, including current events, historical information, interesting facts, and personal stories.

I admit, I have a soft spot for natural disasters. The bigger the explosion, the better. So please don’t expect a scientific analysis of some limestone deposit in western Utah. But a hurricane creaming half of the United States? Be ready for videos, pictures, and links to relief efforts.

So, roll up your sleeping bag and toilet paper, make sure you have your field notebook and hiking boots, and let’s get our hands dirty (and cut and blistered, and our knees bruised, and our skin scorched, and our hair super, super disgusting…)

You have camped before, haven’t you?


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