puppy protection 101

As I was cruising Google, looking for a good source, I stumbled across this little beauty.

It is interesting how people prioritize. For some, the most important thing happening in their lives is the here and now. Food storage is the three bags of chips and 2-liter of soda they’re saving for the friends coming the next day. For others,  their children have escape maps and emergency numbers emblazoned in their brains, and 72-hour kits lurk beneath their beds or in their closets. For the select few, they have created pet survival kits for Oscar and Fluffy.


Oscar and Fluffy


First things first.

I hope that anyone with enough foresight to prepare puppy training pads for when there’s a tornado in their backyard also has aforementioned escape plans, emergency numbers, a (legitimate) food storage, and 72-hour kits for the human members of their family.

Prepare now and prepare well, friends.


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